Thursday November 23rd 2017

Election Outcome

People keep asking me, “Bob, how will the election turn out on Tuesday?”

I don’t mean the same people keep asking, but different people who seem to think because I am on the radio and people do call me from all walks of life, that I must be omniscient.

I wish I were the possessor of such a gift that I could predict the future. But, let us put that fantasy aside and try to focus on the harsh realities that life presents us with.

When anyone talks about Tuesday, November 2, they are mostly interested in the important issue and that is: Who will control the House of Representatives?

Based on the same polls others are using, I am forced (happily) to at least hope the Republicans will win enough seats to take control of the lower chamber.

If that is all they do, that will be a vast improvement over what we have now.

To be rid of the devious, meretricious, repulsive Nancy Pelosi as speaker will be cause for great joy. I will go so far to predict a 40-seat advantage for the Republicans.

Dick Morris and others who are more optimistic than I am, predict 55 seats may be taken and even more of a majority.

I hope Dick is right. I do wish I could agree with him concerning the Senate. He has predicted the Republicans will win enough Senate races to take over that body of Congress.

They would have had a better chance if Mike Castle had won the Republican primary in Delaware.

Even though many of my conservative brethren did not like Congressman Castle because he was too moderate for their tastes, I believe Bill Buckley, who knew a little about conservatism said, “When in doubt we conservatives should vote for the most electable.”

And surely, Mike Castle, who is very popular in Democrat-controlled Delaware, was far more electable than Christine O’Donnell.

Without picking up Joe Biden’s seat, and without winning Robert Byrd’s seat in West Virginia, it will be impossible to take over control of the Senate.

Rand Paul is no slam dunk in Kentucky, and it is a shame the Republicans aren’t even trying to dump the totally unqualified Kirsten Gillibrand in New York.

Here was a woman who was given the seat vacated by Hillary Clinton. She has no solid beliefs and is the beneficiary of nepotism.

I know the person she is running against. His name is Joe DioGuardi. He is a former congressman and was the only member of Congress who is a certified public accountant.

He is as clean as a whistle and would still be in the house if he were not gerrymandered out of office by the unscrupulous Democrats.

I could go on and on, but I think the bottom line to all this is the Republicans may take over the House of Representatives, the Democrats hold on to the Senate, and they will have to vote for a majority leader to take over for the weasel to end all weasels, Harry Reid, who should lose to Sharron Angle.

If you have any suggestions or comments regarding the election, my column, or anything you would like to discuss, please send an e-mail to, and I will acknowledge your comment or question.

We must get rid of the Democrat Congress in preparation to getting rid of the first Muslim we have ever had as president.

Need I say more?

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!

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