Friday October 20th 2017

Guns Kill People…

That’s what they do. That’s what they’re for. Make no mistake. A gun is the absolute, perfect tool for the prescribed job.

When you want to take a life, have a gun handy. I’m not so sure why this is so difficult for people to accept. Guns are tools, made for a specific purpose. And, in the right hands, they are just about flawless.

Given the recent events in Tucson, Arizona, the call for stricter gun laws in America has once again gone out.  Arizona has some of America’s most lenient gun restrictions. Currently, you are not required to obtain a conceal-carry license to carry a handgun in the state of Arizona. It is important to note; you DO have to pass a Federal background check in order to purchase a handgun.  The shooter in the Tucson incident DID pass that Federal background check. He followed the law, and despite having a history of mental illness (which would also preclude him from obtaining a firearm under Arizona law), was deemed eligible by the U.S. Federal Government to purchase a firearm.  He followed the protocol. The system failed.

I happen to live in Phoenix. The entire situation is horrible on every level. My thoughts and sympathies go out to all of those affected by this senseless act by a lone, deranged loser. I will not identify him. He deserves no recognition for any other facet of his life other than the stupidity of this decision.

I also need to preface the forthcoming thoughts on this with two things…

First, I am not a member of any pro-gun organization. I do not subscribe to any political party, and have no universal political beliefs. To watch how this has become a platform for politics is truly saddening. I happen to hate the idea of having to own a gun. I think “gun nuts” are a dangerous lot. Too much passion for anything is unhealthy in the long run. You know the kind of person I’m talking about.

That being said, I own several. I am a well-armed American. I don’t want to be. I have to be. I had a very serious situation arise in 1997, in Memphis Tennessee that necessitated I become so.

I was working a night job. Late one night, after I had come home, someone attempted to gain entry into my home. I called the Memphis Police and (making a long story short) they could not come. I was left to my own defense. At the time, I did not own a gun. Immediately following the events of that evening, I purchased my first firearm. I then took the necessary classes, followed all Federal laws, and obtained my conceal-carry license for the state. As much respect as I have for law enforcement, I had come to realize that the safety of my family could not be entrusted to them. They had to prioritize that night, and my family was not their priority.

Well…it certainly is mine.

And so, I am a trained, well-armed, American citizen.

To listen to celebrities like Harrison Ford call for stricter gun laws in the wake of this tragedy is simply offensive to me. First of all…Han shot first. Let’s not forget that Mr. Ford has made a pretty penny off the American public by portraying characters in his films that more often than not used guns to defend themselves or others. At no time in any of Mr. Ford’s films has there ever been shown the mental anguish that overcomes someone when they’ve taken a human life. It is the ultimate decision, and regret is an inevitable result. He has spent a good amount of his career, and made untold millions off of a cavalier attitude toward gun use.

I find the hypocrisy a bit confusing.

The fact remains that this was the act of a single disturbed individual. An individual who followed the law. But, somewhere along the way, his wires got crossed, and did the unthinkable.

To listen to political sycophants, and opportunists use tragedy to elevate their cause is sickening. This is not the time. Nor is during so many families’ period of grief the forum.  Shame on everyone, who has attempted to use this event as a political tipping-point for their agenda.

You simply cannot make the entire populace pay for the acts of an individual. The majority is supposed to rule in America. Every day in this country, over 308 million people go through their daily lives. Most of whom have the legal right to own guns. And, most of whom do not abdicate their personal responsibility. The great majority of gun crimes are committed by those who did not adhere to current gun law. So, why would we make those that have, suffer?

It doesn’t make sense.

Using that logic, guns kill people. So do automobiles. Let’s make it tougher for all Americans to drive. So does obesity. Should we employ food rations so that those Americans who do exercise restraint are prohibited from their freedom to obtain food? How about cigarettes? Why isn’t it more difficult to get cigarettes? I’m not saying it should be. But, it is fact that they kill more people each day than guns.

It comes down to personal responsibility. You may want to print those two words out, and show them to your local lawmakers, or those who want to legislate behavior. At some point, we have to stop babysitting everyone, and hold those responsible for their actions accountable.

I hope I never have to fire my guns. I hate having to own them. But, when I made the decision to arm myself, I also accepted the responsibility that comes with it. So does everyone else who goes through the process.

The law-abiding should never pay the price for the criminal.

Gun laws are useless. The criminal doesn’t subscribe to them. The law-abiding gun owner is never going to give them up. We have them. We will use them if need be. We hope that day never comes.

People will do what they are going to do. No law can stop a motivated human being. And again, in this instance, the law was abided.

Guns kill people. That’s what they do. But not unless someone points it, and pulls the trigger.

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13 Comments for “Guns Kill People…”

  • Jesse C. Slicer says:

    You DID say in your first paragraph that the gun is designed and manufactured with the purpose to be a tool to kill.

    However, further down you say that automobiles, food and cigarettes also kill people. But that’s not what they were designed and manufactured for.

    Therein lies the difference. Why should we have devices with one sole intention so easy to obtain?

    You also state that gun laws are useless as the criminal doesn’t subscribe to them. By extension of that logic, there should be no laws at all as criminals give them no regard. The purpose of law is to combat crime when it is recognized as being in one of these three states: occurred, in-progress and about-to-occur. We need laws and gun laws.

    • Neanderpaul says:

      I would counter with…why should we make them more difficult to obtain for those who’ve already followed the established procedures, based upon the actions of those who never will? Obviously, in this case, something in the system broke down, and a guy with a documented history of mental illness was allowed to procure a weapon. The Federal Government blew it on this one. Not the law-abiding gun owners. So, now based upon a Government mistake, the people must pay the price? It just doesn’t seem rational. Gun laws are useless. They only restrict the rights of people who are willing to obey them. It is SO easy to get a gun now that trying to further legislate the process is futile. It doesn’t matter how hard you make it, the criminal will get one. The only people who won’t, are those who might actually need the tool to protect their family. You can’t go backward. Guns have been part of our culture since they were invented. There has always been a way to get them. There always will. Listening to the rhetoric from the anti-gun movement is a waste of everyone’s time and our taxpayer dollars. If the possibility that everyone might be armed exists, that may just cause someone to think thrice before committing a crime. It’s not the tool. It’s the intent of those who wield it. I repeat: the law-abiding should never pay the price for the criminal.

    • MVP says:

      Blow it out your @rse – I want to protect myself, because when TSHTF (and some day it will), the authorities will be too busy protecting themselves to worry about me and mine. Police are under no obligation to come to help you on a call, I hope I NEVER have to use a weapon of any sort, but if I need one, I want to have acess – there are a lot of a-holes out there.

    • John says:

      Jesse – there is nothing in the US Constitution guaranteeing Americans a right to automobiles, food, or cigarettes. There is such language guaranteeing the right to possess and bear arms. Therein lies the REAL difference.

  • kellen b says:

    great article – agree completely. also, props for using the word ‘thrice’

  • Paul says:

    Lol, I think some people didn’t read the entire article. Unfortunately our government does not want us to be personally responsible for anything (health, defense, or employment), they want us dependent upon the collective (ie. Government). In fact there are some in this country who are actively promoting this kind of dependency as an human entitlement.

    We are all created equal, but let none of us be a slave to our fellow man, instead let us be free men dependent on no one but ourselves.

    As a side note; guns are less deadly than cars, so we should ban cars, and force everyone to walk, thus solving obesity; which will then encourage people to lead healthier lives and quite smoking, thus becoming even more healthy; and if we give everyone, with some exceptions, a gun, we will have a more polite, safer society; so what we must do is ban cars and give away free guns; America! Our problems are solved! (Follow me, my logic is flawless)

  • Robyn says:

    Im sorry but guns dont kill people its the people holding the gun that kills the person and there not made for killing people there made to protect yourself you shoot to stop not to kill

  • Neanderpaul says:

    With all due respect Robyn…the edict is that you “shoot to end the confrontation.” If you are an educated gun owner, you already know this. A gun is designed to inflict the kind of destructive damage that halts aggression that is likely to result in the imminent death of the target of said aggression. There is no real way to regulate the destructive force generated once the decison to fire is made. The idea that one would “shoot to injure” or “shoot them in the leg to stop them.” is a misnomer. The decision to use a gun falls under “deadly force.” It is the ultimate resolution to conflict, and should never be entered into under less than a 100% necessity. The concept of “shoot to stop,” is a blatant attempt to minimize the purpose of a gun. It’s purpose is not to stop. It’s purpose is to inflict damage to internal organs that incapacitate the aggressor. That’s what they are for. That damage is likely to cause the death of the aggressor. One should *never* “shoot to injure.” You are not legally allowed to use deadly force unless there is no other alternative. Your decision has to be based upon a threat to your life. The idea of intent to injure, becomes felonious assault with a deadly weapon. If you are not shooting to kill, you should not be shooting. Plain & Simple.

  • Nate C. says:

    I agree with some of this, not so much with others. In general, yes, I hate it when people use tragedies to advance their agendas. On the other hand, that also often seems to be the only time people will listen.

    I’ve heard the bit about comparing guns and cars, etc., before … as another poster pointed out, and you also said at the beginning of this (well written, BTW – color me impressed) essay, killing is not their primary purpose.

    Beyond that, if you want to carry your logic further, you say gun laws don’t work, because criminals don’t observe them, then why do we bother having laws that apply to the use of cars? Why do we have to get licenses? Why do we have to have insurance? I’ve just always thought that, if we had to have those things for cars, we should have at least that much for guns. But your true gun nut won’t countenance any rules or limits. Should young children have access to guns? By all means, they say! Felons? Can’t restrict their rights! And we sure cannot have any kind of registration, as we do with cars, because that’d let the “gummint” take ‘em away.

    Yeah, I realize we have some laws like this. I am not sure if the federal background check works in all cases (weren’t there some loopholes for gun shows?), and, as some in the past have said, better enforcement of existing laws would help more than creating a raft of new laws.

    Look, I am not against guns – they are tools – nor am I saying people shouldn’t have ‘em. I see your reason for having them, and I have thought about getting them myself in the past (I was threatened with death by a neighbor’s boyfriend once). I just see the need for sensible (key word there) laws and regs about them, and better enforcement.

    Regarding the Arizona case you referenced in this article, I thought the issue people were going on about wasn’t so much the gun(s) he used, but the ammo. Did I get that wrong? I have to admit, it’s been a while.

  • Jerk says:

    Like We Didn’t Know That Guns Kill People
    What About The Cops They Have Guns To
    They Kill People Too


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