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Academy Awards 2011: Gotham Hollywood’s Predictions

I’m not sure I’ve ever been as excited for an Academy Awards show as I am this year. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen most of the films nominated, maybe it’s because the films nominated are actually worthy of the awards…maybe there’s just something in the air.

Whatever the reason, I’d like to give a brief list of my predictions for this year’s Academy Awards show.

Best Picture

Who Should Win: Inception – This movie is the epitome of what a best picture should be…music, sound, acting, story. Everything about Christopher Nolan’s latest endeavor makes it my number one contender for this year’s ultimate Oscar.

Who Will Win: The King’s Speech – There’s no getting around it. This movie is phenomenal. I have the feeling it’s going to steal the prize.

Actor in a Leading Role

Who Should Win: Colin Firth – Out of the contenders, this guys has it locked up. Each actor did an exceptional job in their movies, just take a look at Eisenberg or Bardem. But, when the time comes, the stuttering Firth will hold the award.

Who Will Win: Colin Firth

Actor in a Supporting Role

Who Should Win: Christian Bale – As much as I’d love to see Jeremy Renner win this award, there’s no doubt in my mind that Bale will easily take the Oscar. His performance in The Fighter was beyond incredible. Simply amazing.

Who Will Win: Christian Bale

Actress in a Leading Role

Who Should Win: Jennifer Lawrence – I thought Lawrence played her character perfectly: young, struggling, strong, confident. I’d love to see her take this.

Who Will Win: Natalie Portman – Portman’s portrayal of the tragic Black Swan will win the Oscar.

Actress in a Supporting Role

Who Should Win: Hailee Steinfeld – I think it’s awesome that both Amy Adams and Melissa Leo were nominated for their work in The Fighter, but Steinfeld blew audiences away with her very role (which is very similar to Jennifer Lawrence’s role in Winter’s Bone). Two young actresses winning? I’d love to see it.

Who Will Win: Hailee Steinfeld


Who Should Win: Inception – Every movie nominated deserves to win, but if I had to whittle it down to one, I think Inception’s incredible camera work should take the cake.

Who Will Win: The King’s Speech – One of the biggest things that I took away from this movie was the incredibly clever use of shots throughout the entire film. I think it’s enough to win the Oscar.


Who Should Win: David Fincher – Fincher did what he does best with The Social Network…he created an incredibly interesting and moving film that stuck with audiences long after the end credits rolled.

Who Will Win: David Fincher

Music (Original Score)

Who Should Win: Inception – Hans Zimmer’s score was the best of 2010. Simple as that.

Who Will Win: Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross – Reznor’s Nine Inch Nails-esque tone to The Social Network is the most unique music that I’ve heard in a long time. He deserves the oscar.

Sound Editing

Who Should Win: Inception – The only other movie that could win this (but wasn’t nominated) is The Town. But since it wasn’t nominated, Inception should easily win this award.

Who Will Win: Inception

Writing (Adapted Screenplay)

Who Should Win: True Grit – The Coen Brothers did it again. Do I need to explain?

Who Will Win: The Social Network – Aaron Sorkin’s screenplay was all the buzz in the film industry in 2010. He deserves this one.

Writing (Original Screenplay)

Who Should Win: The King’s Speech – David Seidler took a boring, dry story and turned it into an incredible dialogue between a king and his speech therapist. On paper, the movie sounds flat. On the screen, the movie is phenomenal.

Who Will Win: The King’s Speech

So there you have it…my simple picks for a few of the Academy Awards this year. Keep in mind, Who Should Win is simply my favorite for the category. Who Will Win is my prediction who will actually be accepting the award on stage.

Who do you think will win?

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