Wednesday October 18th 2017

Rammstein Burns Down the IZOD Center

Alright, so Rammstein didn’t literally burn down the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey, but if any band could, it would no doubt be this German rock band.

Cinco de Mayo 2011 marked the beginning of a truly historical moment in the world of music: Rammstein, a band that hasn’t toured the North American continent in 10 years, kicked off a 13-date tour just a few miles from their epic show at Madison Square Garden months before (keep in mind, the show at MSG didn’t qualify as a tour, it was a one-stop thing).

If the show at the IZOD Center is any indicator of what fans can expect for the rest of the tour, then you will not want to miss the show. For the better part of two hours, Rammstein hammered the audience with song after song, spectacular light show after spectacular light show…and most importantly, insane pyrotechnics after insane pyrotechnics.

Easiest way to sum up the show? How’s this: Till Lindemann, the lead singer, set a guy on fire on-stage.

At one point during the night, an old-fashioned gas station pump was wheeled out onto the stage. Lindemann took the nozzle in one hand and a flare in the other and proceeded to create a homemade flamethrower. He eventually pointed it at what looked like a stagehand and let loose.

Other highlights? Lindemann threw Christian “Flake” Lorenz, keyboards, into an empty bath tub and poured fire on him. Several babies with laser beams for eyes hung above the band for a few minutes, and then exploded. Lorenz jumped in a rubber raft and rode it across the audience. Lindemann mounted a gigantic male “member” and sprayed the crowd with some sort of white substance during the last song of the first set, “Pussy.” He also came out for the last song of the night, “Engel,” with huge angel wings that shot fire.

All in all, this was like no other show I’ve ever seen: The theatrics, the sound, the pure, visceral, raw power of a live performance…I completely understand why Rammstein received Best Live Band at this year’s Revolver Golden Gods Awards. From the crushing opening of the show with the song “Rammlied,” to the two encores the band gave the crowd, this was a show I will not soon forget.

All I can say is this: If you get the chance to see Rammstein on this tour, do not miss it. There is no doubt they are pulling out all stops. This is their first North American tour in a decade and they are coming off of the high of being named the best live band in the world by Revolver Magazine…So regardless if you’ve seen them or not, I can make a guarantee that you haven’t seen them like this.

Book a plane ticket if you have to. Plan a roadtrip. Who knows when the next time Rammstein will deliver a tour as historical and epic as the one they are embarking on right now. I can tell you this, though: You will not be disappointed. You will have a night of incredible live music to remember for the rest of your life.

This review is featured on Rammstein’s official website.

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19 Comments for “Rammstein Burns Down the IZOD Center”

  • Jesse says:

    It was an amazing show for sure! Just wanted to note, the first song is called Rammlied – not to be confused with Rammstein off of their Herzeleid album.

  • Ann says:

    Great review. Great night. It was my 6th Rammstein concert and even though I’ve seen this exact same show both here in the US and in Germany, it never fails to amaze. We hear the guys will be back next year with a Best Of tour — if you can’t get to see them this time, start saving your pennies for next year!

  • Tiffany says:

    Can’t wait to see them in Toronto on Sunday after reading this! I’ve been waiting since 1995 to see them :)

  • GutterDandy says:

    Excellent review — it was an amazing show, one that anyone who saw it will never forget. The rock spectacle is alive and well in the mighty hands of Rammstein.

  • Megan M says:

    I saw them at MSG in NYC in December this past year and loved it, and knew I had to see them again. I’ve been waiting since ’03 to see them live and it was amazing as always.

    Sadly, compared to MSG, it seemed like they actually CUT BACK on the amount of pyro they did, perhaps because it was a much smaller venue. Also, the acoustics at the IZOD Center really weren’t great for Rammstein. It was kind of muddled and weird. Anybody else notice that, or was that just my ears?

    While I ALWAYS recommend seeing Rammstein, I would also highly recommend seeing them in a larger stadium. The teeny-tiny venue was intimate but as I said, the pyro was smaller than usual and the sound was muddled.

    Also it seemed like their tech crew didn’t check everything – Paul’s sleeve didn’t light up, some fireworks didn’t go off at the right times, and one of Till’s angel wings failed to light as well. Regardless, the boys from Berlin did a more-than-wonderful job. I will gladly see them again anytime!

    • chuck says:

      Megan, I actually thought the sound was great. I did notice a few of those mishaps, but sometimes you just have to give them some slack, especially with last night being the first night of the tour. I would’ve loved to have been at the MSG show! Glad you got to see them twice in 5 months!!

      • Megan M says:

        Oh, I wasn’t UPSET about the accidents. I realize they happen, and I kept thinking… “okay, its the first night”. It wasn’t THEIR fault, anyhow.

        It was awesome, regardless. <3

  • GutterDandy says:

    The vocals were a bit buried for the first couple songs. but after that it was corrected and all was stellar.

    The show was awesome, period.

  • Brian says:

    Was there last night an the show was AMAZING! The review is spot on! To attend the first show of the North American Tour was priceless! The ONLY thing that has disturbed me is various websites listing the show as a ‘New York’ show, which it is not.

  • tony says:

    best song ive see hands down . ive been to alot of shows once again greatest song i ever seen!!!

  • Travis says:

    After waiting over 10 years to see them here in America, the show lived up to every expectation. If only i had hundreds of extra dollars to spend on pit tickets (they sell so quickly its almost impossible without getting overcharged by secondhand sellers). I brought my girlfriend who isn’t even into that type of music and she had an absolute blast and wants to see them again.

  • Andrew says:

    Travis, Pit tickets and good tickets in general are very easy and CHEAPER to get ahold of than you think. We waited till about 3 weeks before to grab pits to IZOD and they cost $80 on stubhub

    Seats to the MSG show were $50 and you can just move around after you get in anyways!

  • bertus says:

    there will be upcoming a new cd/dvd called made in germany with 20 songs 19 off them are the best off and 1 new song, on the dvd will appear all the music videos….and on 6-11-11 they start a brand new tour in europe, including a new show based on the best off cd….i wish they tour the us again…..lets wait and see

  • Tom says:

    Rammstein ist die beste Band der Welt! Ihre Show ist fantastisch und ich liebe sich einfach. Hoffentlich wird es sie noch lange geben!

    Greets from Germany


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