Wednesday October 18th 2017

The Big 4 @ Yankee Stadium

The day that I thought would never get here finally did…and it was incredible.

The Big 4 at Yankee Stadium was nothing short of an epic, historical show in one of the greatest sporting venues in the world.

From Wednesday being officially declared Anthrax Day in the Bronx to an unbelievable stage-sharing rendition of Motorhead’s Overkill, September 14th, 2011 will be a day that the 50,000+ in attendance won’t soon forget.

All that being said, let’s get to right down to it and stop beating around the bush…

Anthrax is good. They put on a great show.

Megadeth is good. They put on a great show.

Slayer is good. They put on a great show…and convinced me that they will be the soundtrack of Hell.

But you know what? The Big 4 isn’t about those bands. The Big 4 is about Mighty Metallica, no questions asked.

As AC/DC wrapped up on the house PA system and the theme for The Good, The Bad and The Ugly started blaring, everyone forgot about what they just saw and experienced for the last five hours and 100% of the focus was on one band and one band only…Metallica.

Opening with the bone crushing “Creeping Death” followed by “For Whom The Bell Tolls” directly into “Fuel,” the 130 minute set left me feeling like I got hit by a truck, in an exceptionally good way.

This was easily one of the best shows I’ve ever been to in a long time. Mighty Metallica is obviously an incredible band, but it’s easy to take them for granted and forget just how incredible they really are. Last night, they reminded everyone, and I don’t think we’ll be taking them for granted for a long time.

As the set wrapped up with “Enter Sandman,” arguably the unofficial theme song for Yankee Stadium, everyone in the crowd was chomping at the bits waiting for The Big 4′s cover of Diamond Head’s “Am I Evil?”

The crowd didn’t get that song, but I don’t think anyone was too disappointed.

“What do you say we have a little fun, alright,” James Hetfield told the crowd, getting everyone ready for the conclusion of The Big 4 at Yankee Stadium. “And, we’re going to try a different song this time.”

Members of Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth and Exodus (Gary Holt is filling in for Jeff Hanneman of Slayer) came out on stage and exploded into Motorhead’s “Overkill.” Now, did it sound the greatest?

Well, when you have that many guitars, basses, vocalists and drums on-stage, nothing, and I mean nothing, sounds all that great…But, no one cared. What everyone in the crowd cared about was witnessing the four great thrash and heavy metal acts of all time share the stage on US soil for the second time in history.

As the members of the bands walked off stage, Metallica hung around to give the crowd “Battery” and wrap things up with “Seek and Destroy.”

This show will go down in history. The entire time, I had to keep pinching and telling myself that we were actually seeing Metallica in Yankee Stadium. This isn’t Eminem. This isn’t Paul McCartney. This isn’t some college football game.

This was Metallica…in Yankee Stadium.

Metallica’s Set

Creeping Death
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Ride The Lightning
Fade To Black
All Nightmare Long
Sad But True
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Master Of Puppets
Nothing Else Matters
Enter Sandman

Overkill (Motorhead cover)
Seek and Destroy

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2 Comments for “The Big 4 @ Yankee Stadium”

  • Mac says:

    What a great show. I couldn’t believe that I was sitting there, finally at my first Metallica show, and when I looked above the stage I saw YANKEE STADIUM. The whole day was great, but I was there for Metallica and to finally hear Enter Sandman live. I just wish the Yanks were closer to NYC so Mo could have flown in to make an appearance. That would have been INSANE.

  • tom says:

    This was my favorite Metallica show yet, I saw them in 2000, and again in 2004 they just get better and better. I was so glad to have been in the pit for the entire show and really amped up to see Slayer for my 4th time and Megadeth my 2nd….. Hope theres many more shows for me to see with these guys!!!

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