Friday October 20th 2017

Killer Elite

Kille Elite with Jason Statham, Clive Owen and Robert De Niro is a good movie. It’s entertaining. It’s fun. It has action. It has a great cast.

But it’s missing something.

I’m not quite sure what that something is, but the film was lacking it. I think that something lies somewhere in the storyline; there are twists and turns, but at times it seems like the plot changes get confusing for the sake of being confusing.

And that is a wee bit frustrating.

The cast is great. Jason Statham plays his character perfectly, the ex-hitman turned carpenter who has to get back into his old lifestyle to save his mentor, Robert De Niro. I was expecting De Niro to be a minor character with limited time on the screen, but I was gladly proved wrong. He played an integral part in the story. Clive Owen was the sniveling “good guy” who tried to interfere with Statham’s plan every step of the way…He nailed the character.

The action was great. There were some fantastic car chases and incredible fight scenes, and a couple of interesting murders (a bathroom tile encrusted hammer to the back of the head, for one example).

The story for the most part was good, too. Most of the twists made sense and didn’t seem overstretched. Most of the storyline seemed well-written and executed.

But something was missing. When I walked out of the theater, I looked to my friend and we both felt the same way: That was a really cool movie, but it just didn’t have it.

So that’s what was missing…It. What is it?

I’ll go back to thinking it lies somewhere in the storyline. Perhaps one too many plot turns for the sake of trying to be deceptive to the viewer. Whatever it is, I’m disappointed, because this movie could’ve been really great.

It didn’t have any cheap laughs in it which I appreciate. It didn’t have violence for the sake of violence or sex for the sake of sex. It was a professionally done authentic movie.

A couple of fixes here and there would make it a must-see action thriller. Without those fixes, though, I’d recommend waiting to rent this one.

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