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Gotham Interview with Face The King

Face The King is an alternative hard rock band based out of Long Island, New York.  Formed on June 14, 2009, Face the King consists of four former members of critically acclaimed bands SEER, STEREO SERENADE and THE MERCURIAL. In just a few short months Face the King has established themselves as the Long Island band to watch, and ‘A force to be reckoned with in 2010′ according to Lyrical Lust.” –

A force to be reckoned with might be a significant understatement. If you’ve never heard Face The King, I’d prepare yourselves to get familiar with them in 2012. Already getting ready for the new year, Face The King has made a list of resolutions, a few of which include selling out Gramercy Theater, selling out an out-of-state show, finishing the “greatest record ever,” and landing a major label deal. If a band can do this in 2012, my money is on Face The King.

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to chat with the guys of this great local band…if you’re looking to get into them, check out their official website at

Your latest EP is called “The Burning and The Falling Down.” Where did that title come from?

Eric Zirlinger (singer/guitarist/keyboardist): You are the first person to ask that question.  It actually came from the chorus of the song.  “The Burning and the Falling Down” are the things that we deal with everyday that stand in our way.  It is that feeling of the world collapsing around you.  The chorus line is actually “crawl right through the burning and the falling down.”  This is the idea of not giving up no matter what is going on around you.  You may not get through it so easily – you may have to “crawl” – but if you keep going, eventually you will make it to the other side.  This is what it feels like being in a band.  In this case, we are the ones crawling.  And while it seems like we might be moving too slow, we are still moving forward.

What are the plans for your next EP? You just started recording in December, right?

Dan DelVecchio (backup vocals, guitar): Yes. As of December we just finished recording drum tracks at The Factory Underground in Norwalk, CT. We were able to get free recording time there as one of the many prizes from winning a competition called the “i95 Rumble At The Room” in Brookfield, CT. The rest of the EP will be recorded in our newly home grown studio. As far as its release, we don’t have an official date yet but we’re hoping for late March, in time for our big show at Gramercy Theater in NYC.

You recently had some good news regarding a private show at the NAMM Convention in California. How’d you score that gig?

Dan: It was pretty simple, all we did was follow their extensive application process for the “NAMM at Night After-party.” You answer a variety of questions regarding the band’s origins and send over a hard copy of your CD to them by mail. Usually when you hear about a band getting an opportunity such as this, people right away assume that the band/artist must have “known someone,” who gave them the hookup. This wasn’t the case at all. Face The King was selected out of a few hundred other applicants by a panel of judges to be one of the bands to play at the after-party. We are also very fortunate and thankful to KORG, VOX, Blackstar, as well as others for backing us in our attendance to the convention.

How did everyone in the band meet? How’d you decide to form Face The King?

Eric: We met by fate.  A chance encounter in a small music store in Long Island.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  It was raining  and for some reason I was wearing a sombrero.  How great of a story would that be if it were true?  The real story is that we all grew up playing in bigger bands in New York.  Joey knew me and Anthony because he played in bands with both of us before.  He suggested we try jamming together and we all clicked.  Dan came later in the mix when we were looking for a great guitarist.  He is pretty good – not great – so we did settle.  I am okay with it I guess.

What was it like being called “a force to be reckoned with” by Lyrical Lust? That definitely puts the pressure on, doesn’t it?

Eric: It sounds like we are a super villain in a Batman comic actually.  You could not ask for a better compliment.  That kind of says to the world – “Here is Face The King. You better stand up and take notice.”  I think we live up to the hype and the pressure.  Not just because we are great – but because we will work harder than any other band out there.  Our goal is to be the best band on and off stage.  From playing and records to networking and marketing – we pride ourselves in the ability to work as hard as we possibly can.

What has it been like being an up and coming band in New York City?

Eric: Being an up and coming band in NYC is liking pushing a boulder up an ice covered hill barefoot.  Not to say it is impossible – just challenging.  But we like that challenge.  You hear that the scene is dead and that it is impossible to make it in this business.  Yet it still happens – everywhere.  We know it is tough.  However, we think that if you are good enough, if you make a big enough sound, and if you work hard enough to make that sound undeniable – that you can make it in music.  It might be one of the music capitals of the world – but it is hard to stake your claim.  The fact that we are referred to as an up and coming band in NYC means we are getting that boulder a little closer to the top.

What’s been one of the biggest obstacles you’ve overcome as a band to get to where you are today?

Eric: Biggest obstacles are time and money.  Both are not things that you overcome.  They are things you work with and manage.  You make sure that every penny spent is spent with a purpose.  Do we need to buy this piece of equipment right now or is it more valuable to save that money for mixing a record?  It even spills into your everyday life.  You start to make your own meals to save money rather than eat at a restaurant.  As for the time issue…we are constantly balancing the band life, with the day job, and the social life.  It is like walking a tightrope.  We are still here though – so we must be doing okay managing both.

In New York City, where is your favorite place to play a show? What about seeing a show?

Dan: So far, I would have to say Gramercy Theater. Soon after the release of our second EP, “The Burning & The Falling Down,” Face The King played to a packed house there, and the response we got from the crowd was electrifying. The acoustics and the lighting are also top notch. Compared to many other venues in the city as well as Long Island, even the sound engineers are very accommodating to the bands that play there.

As far as seeing a show, this one wouldn’t be too hard to guess. Madison Square Garden is of course the ideal place for anyone to see a concert. Every single musician no matter what part of the world they are from will tell you the same thing, which is that there is nothing like it.

Maybe Face The King will be lucky enough to grace this legendary stage one day. Well..we can at least dream can’t we?

I don’t think there’s a better phrase to sum up Face The King than: “Here is Face The King. You better stand up and take notice.”

It’s a new year…time to stand up and take notice.

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