Friday October 20th 2017

Machine Head and Politics

Colby College’s student radio station, WMHB 89.7 FM, is home of the metal radio show known as Metal Mutilation. According to Blabbermouth, Nathan Katsiaficas conducted an interview with Machine Head’s lead singer/guitarist Robb Flynn that delved into the world of politics.

Generally speaking, I don’t get too excited when musicians get crazy involved in politics. It’s one thing to make tunes that deal with the issues, but sometimes the artists try to get involved and come out seeming more arrogant than normal…At least, that’s how I feel.

All that being said, I couldn’t be happier with Flynn’s real response when asked for his opinion on the current Presidential race.

“I’m not really into the Republicans, but I’m not really into the Democrats either. I think they’re both kind of full of it. I feel like the whole thing is kind of a farce, really. The choice is between this guy and that guy, but it’s just so skewed… These candidates come out of nowhere. It’s like, ‘Who is this guy? Who wants this person to be the President?’ And then, all of a sudden, you hear about him, and it’s kind of, like, we’ve got this illusion of freedom of choice, and I don’t really feel like it is the freedom of choice, because I don’t know if any of those guys would be the one that I would want. Some of them may be a little more in line with what I believe, but I think they’re all kind of full of it. . . I think most politicians are all full of it, man. They’ve got their lobbyists and they’ve got all their corporations that are backing them. And if they fucking step out of line, man, they’re getting fucked. They’re not gonna be able to do the things. I think the corporations just have them so in their pocket that they could talk a good talk, but at the end of the day, what’s really gonna change until the corporations are taken care of?”

Agree or disagree, Flynn is an advocate for his fans…And this answer just reaffirms that.

If you haven’t picked up Machine Head’s “Unto The Locust,” I don’t know what you’re waiting for. It’s an incredible album, from start to finish, and is easily one of the best of 2011. Click here to check out our review.

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