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Orion Music + More

February 7th, 2012 will be a day I won’t soon forget. Metallica announced a historical event and endeavor, the Orion Music + More festival.

The two-day “lifestyle” festival takes place June 23rd and 24th, 2012 at Bader Park in Atlantic City, NJ. Metallica will be headlining each night, and has already gotten fans excited for what to expect: One night, they will play the “Black” album in its entirety. The other night? “Ride The Lightning,” front to back…Yes, even “Escape.”

Throw in some other classic Metallica tunes, and you have an epic weekend with the greatest band around.

Now, watching Metallica perform two nights in a row at an abandoned airport would be enough to justify the ticket cost ($150-$225 for two-day passes)…But that’s not all you’ll get. Remember, this is a “lifestyle” festival.

So first with a festival, you expect a big line-up of bands, right? How about bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Arctic Monkeys, Modest Mouse, The Gaslight Anthem, Lucero, Gary Clark Jr., Cage The Elephant, The Sword, and more.

Yeah, you read that line-up right. It’s an eclectic list of diverse bands, ranging from country to alternative rock to heavy metal. There are more bands on the list, and even more that will be announced in the next few months.

On top of that, the “lifestyle” portion of the festival is still a bit ambiguous, but promises to satisfy ticket holders. “More than just music, the festival will also feature a lifestyle element showcasing the band’s individual interests – and allowing fans to interact directly with each of the band members.”

This isn’t some festival put on by a production company that invites bands to play…This is Metallica’s festival. As they put it, Metallica “will be the headliners, curators, and instigators of” the weekend extravaganza.

So where did the name “Orion” come from?

Well, obviously, it’s the name of one of Metallica’s greatest instrumental songs from Master of Puppets. It also is a salute and tribute to the late Cliff Burton, who dominates the song playing lead bass. Kirk Hammett said in the band’s press conference, “Orion is his musical statement.”

Free Gotham will keep you posted with the latest on Orion Music + More as the weeks and months pass. Rest assured, you will get a complete recap of the events of the weekend of June 23rd and 24th. Think “Fear and Loathing in Atlantic City.”

Metallica proves time and time again that they are the band to be reckoned with…From The Big 4 shows to their domination of the entire globe…to their epic 30th Anniversary week in San Francisco last year…Metallica doesn’t slow down, and Orion Music + More is a testament to their dedication to their fans, and to the world of not just rock and roll, but music in general.

June can’t get here soon enough.

The Orion Music + More Press Conference


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