Thursday November 23rd 2017

On Kony

I don’t care about Joseph Kony. I have my own debts and issues to address. Sometimes, it is incumbent upon the oppressed to rise up and save themselves. Revolution is the first step toward freedom. Strength in numbers.

Uganda have always been under the kind of rule they currently exist within. It is all they know. You want to help? Send them books on military strategy. Then, sit back and let them take care of business.

We have our own problems. Some places need to fend for themselves. Horrible as it may seem…sometimes you gotta let the kids fall down a few times to teach them to walk.

In response to everyone who disagrees with me…yeah, I can read your mind.

Oh, I am an asshole. I think if we had more assholes, we wouldn’t be creating a nation of fat, whiny, hyper-sensitive people who cry if they don’t get a trophy for showing up.

I’m not unfeeling. I don’t advocate the raping and pillaging that goes on in Uganda. But, I think if you want to stop the bully, you gotta step up and beat the living shit out of him. Then…the next bully will think twice.

And sending a video around Facebook does nobody any help.

If you’re now aware of Joseph Kony, great. In today’s current economical situation, how many people can drop what they’re doing after seeing it and step up? It took Libya 42 years, but they took their guy out with a knife in the bum-bum.

Ugandans will either continue to allow their lives to be fucked with…or they won’t.

And if you actually did research on “Invisible Children,” you’d find that those donations you’re sending, aren’t doing shit. So…there’s a waste of 30 minutes and your $$$.

I hope the people of Uganda unite and overthrow that prick. Honestly. But, I cannot do anything to help those who will not help themselves.

There are more Ugandans than Kony troops. It’s a matter of organization, and motivation.

Your parents stopped tying your shoes at some point.

Here’s the video that has spread through Facebook this week…

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