Thursday November 23rd 2017

Sixteen Saltines

Jack White is the only artist featured on Saturday Night Live that I watched and thought to myself, “Holy crap. That was incredible.”

Two songs. Two bands. Two distinct styles. One incredible night of brand new music from one of the greatest musicians, songwriters, and composers alive today…It was awesome. And it just lays the foundation for the future of Jack White.

Blunderbuss will be Jack White’s first studio album as a solo act, and both songs featured on SNL will be on the disc. It hits storeshelves on April 24th, 2012. “Love Interruption” gives you a good understanding of White’s country roots and his appreciation for folk tunes…But my favorite song of the night, possibly of the year, is “Sixteen Saltines.”

“Sixteen Saltines” is classic Jack White…Raw, hard, heavy, rockin’, insert your own kick-ass adjective.

It brings me back to old-school The White Stripes. It brings me back to why I hold Jack White up in such high esteem as a guitarist and lyricist. The dude rocks, plain and simple.

In addition to Blunderbuss, Jack White is on the road in support of it…He’ll be hitting up New York City’s Roseland Ballroom for a two-night stay in May. Tickets go on sale today at 1p ET, so have your fingers ready to start clicking through on Ticketmaster. I get the feeling the two shows will be sold out at the blink of an eye.

I was fortunate enough to see The White Stripes at Memorial Hall in Kansas City, and it was easily one of the best shows of my life. I have no doubt that White’s solo act is going to reach my expectations for a night of pure rock and roll. Even when Jack picks up an acoustic guitar, he seems to be able to instill his rock and roll soul into every note he plays and sings. The dude is a master.

Blunderbuss. “Sixteen Saltines.” Tour. 2012 is rockin’ and rollin’ already.

Sixteen Saltines - Saturday Night Live

Love InterruptionSaturday Night Live

***Jack White on reforming The White Stripes: ‘I would only reform the White Stripes if we were bankrupt’***

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