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A Preview of Tremonti

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Mark Tremonti, the guitarist and co-founder for both Creed and Alter Bridge. Both times I’ve had the chance to chat with Mark, we’ve gotten onto the topic of his solo career. Well, I’m happy to say that a preview of what he’s created is finally available. Released online, there are three short clips of different tunes featuring Tremonti absolutely crushing it on guitar and on lead vocals. These three tracks will be a part of All I Was, set for release sometime in July according to

You Waste Your Time

This song sounds nothing like Creed or Alter Bridge, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Right from the get go, Tremonti distances himself and sets out to make a name for himself. This tune has a wicked main guitar riff with the foundation of some powerful drums…and let’s not brush over the fact that Tremonti sounds killer taking over the microphone! This is a great track and I can’t wait to hear it in its entirety.

So You’re Afraid

Tremonti has a way of creating a melodic rhythm with his vocals and guitar playing, but then also knows what he needs to do to crank it up a level. With this particular preview, he does in fact crank it up at about 27 seconds. And after he cranks it up, what does he do? He delivers a sick guitar solo that unfortunately fades out due to the preview ending…Tremonti is accomplishing what he wants: Tease the fans and leave them wanting more!

The Things I’ve Seen

Unfortunately, the previews get shorter and shorter, this one at about 53 seconds. “The Things I’ve Seen” appearsĀ  to be a pretty intense tune in regards to the lyrics and vocals. Tremonti’s voice sounds great on this song, and as the preview trails off, you get a taste of him slowing things down a bit but keeping the intensity alive.

Listen, Tremonti doesn’t need to do this solo album. He’s already managed to become one of the greatest and most prolific guitarists around today with his work in Creed and Alter Bridge. I think that’s why these three previews sound so good. He’s not doing this to get the extra cash, he’s not doing this because he’s bored (Creed is in the middle of a country wide tour as I type this!). He’s doing this because he loves what he does, and it comes through crystal clear in these tracks. If these are signs of what to expect with All I Was that drops in July, I’d say get ready to hear one of the best albums – if not the best – of 2012.

Mark Tremonti is a guitar god, but with this new album he’ll be written into the history books of rock and roll as so much more…a lyricist, a vocalist, a guitarist…Tremonti always delivers, and I can’t wait to hear the power of All I Was. Get ready for it.

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7 Comments for “A Preview of Tremonti”

  • Cory Willet says:

    This will be one of the rare few albums I purchase in 2012… when certain people in the music industry put something out, you just know it’s going to be quality; it’s like a PRS Guitar, really… you don’t have to second guess it. This man gets what music is about… it’s not about how fast we can get popular and get that hit out there for download, it’s about creating a quality experience; a reflection of a state of mind, at a point in time. Just get it, you won’t be disappointed…

  • Dana Starkey says:

    Love Mark…Anxiously waiting to hear the solo project all the way through…you are a very inspirational man..

  • Guy Hall says:

    Already pre ordered, I love the vocals and clips..Tremonti is my favorite because of the feeling and power that is put into his songs, rock on brother and can’t wait for the album to reach my door!!!

  • Matt Bosley says:

    Mark Tremonti only gets better with age. The only thing I can complain about is having to wait till July to buy the album. Tremonti is amazing.

  • Slim says:

    Wow. Sounds great. Props to Elvis and Jef Moll.

  • Cole maund says:

    Well where do I start….mark tremonti is a major influence on me and most of my guitar buddies his musical mind and ability to create nasty sounding riffs and solos is out of this world I’ve been a tremonti fan all of my life when I first heard creed I was hooked and when alter bridge came along I was completely shell shocked anyone who is a true fan will not be dissappointed do yourself a favor BUY THIS ALBUM!!!

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