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Gotham Interview with Mark Evans, Part 2

If you missed it, check out Part 1 of our interview with former AC/DC bassist Mark Evans. It was a pleasure chatting with Mark about AC/DC, his new projects, and his memoir Dirty Deeds: My Life Inside/Outside AC/DC.

Let’s get this thing rolling! Here’s the second part of our interview with Mark…and if you haven’t yet, GO BUY HIS BOOK!

Here is where we left off with Part 1: From Mark – Enjoy life and take the good and enjoy the good things that come along your way! But when the bad things come along, just keep turning the pages. Sometimes, when you get into it, and you get knocked around, sometimes it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But it will come. Be true to yourself. You can learn a lot more from a mistake or a failure than what you learn from success. Success is easy to handle. Sometimes it’s worth it to strike out every once in awhile.

Not to say you struck out, but you say that if you were the right man for the band, you’d still be there…What do you think makes the “right” man for AC/DC?

Laughter. You’re asking the wrong guy!! Otherwise I’d still be there! Honestly, you have to be committed and dedicated to an unbelievable degree. You look at Angus and Malcolm, they were put on this earth to create that band. Their intensity levels and their vision, particularly Malcolm, is phenomenal. I always laugh when I read about Angus and Malcolm. It seems like the press plays them down and dumbs them down. Man, if you do that to those guys, you’re living a lie, because those are two really, really sharp guys! They know what they want to do and they’ve stuck to it. I’ve got a lot of respect for those guys and I hope it showed in the book. I think if I had maybe a couple of years under my belt of experience on the road, I would’ve realized the opportunity that was staring me in the face. But you know, it just wasn’t to be. I don’t look back at my time with the band with anything other than great memories. Of course I’d wish it ended differently, but that wasn’t in the stars, man. Take it as it comes.

Everything happens for a reason, I guess. You’ve got this book out, it’s doing well. What are you up to now? You’ve got a new album out, right?

I’ve got a duo with a great guy called Dave Tice who has been around for some times. He was in a band that sort of pre-dated AC/DC a bit, a very heavy metal band, a band called Buffalo. A great band. He put that together with a guy called Pete Wells, and when Buffalo split up, Pete went on to form Rose Tattoo. I’ve been with Dave for a number of years now, and we did just put a new CD out. We’re writing constantly. I’ve really enjoyed it. I’m playing guitar, so I’m back where I started. We do a lot of original stuff of course, and we do a lot of rockabilly stuff. We’re both kind of blues, punk, and country guys. It all goes into the pot and comes out sounding like us. I really enjoy it. Dave’s just a really powerful singer. It’s a bit easier on the ears, too! I’m playing a bit of bass, too. I just started a new band called The Dinosaurs. That’s working well. We’re going in to record an album in June, and of all places we’re going to record it at Albert’s. We’re all back recording at Albert’s again. So that’s interesting.

Wow! That’s awesome. Congrats, man.

A ton of the other guys in the band have backgrounds with Albert’s, too. The album Dave and I did is available through iTunes and my website, Get an autographed copy of the book, too, and check out the archival stuff on AC/DC. The album is called Brothers in Arms. Yeah, things are good man, along with having a nice cold beer right here!

Before I let you go, two questions…First, are there any rock memoirs – other than yours – that you recommend?

I consume a lot of books, a lot of autobiographies. I just read Keith Richard’s. Man, how does he remember all that stuff? He’s come out great, hadn’t he? The Pete Townsend one is good, too. There is something interesting in each story, man. These rock n’ roll guys, it’d be wrong to single out too many. It’s just the way it is.

What about new music?

I’m constantly getting exposed to new stuff by my daughter. I’ve got to tell you, I’m listening to new music all the time and it’s just running over me. I love it. As far as music goes, I’m a little more of a traditionalist. I’m sort of still listening to a lot of old stuff. My daughter listens to a lot of hip-hop stuff, too, man. That is some wild shit! All around, though, music has to have that grunt to it, you know?

I get it, man. I appreciate your time. Dirty Deeds: My Life Inside/Outside AC/DC, this is just a great book. Mark, it is truly an honor to speak with you. I’ve got to say, you did a great job with the book. You could’ve written a tell-all with a lot of negativity, but you didn’t. You shared all the good memories. I really enjoyed it.

Thanks so much, man. The way the book came out is the only way it would’ve come out. It came out the way I see it, and that’s what’s in the book. And that’s only the story so far. Stay tuned, I think there’s going to be more!

Thanks again, Mark. Enjoy that beer.

Thanks for the call and take care!

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