Friday October 20th 2017

Tremonti’s ‘You Waste Your Time’

Mark Tremonti, the guitarist and founding member of Creed and Alter Bridge, has decided to put his musical fate into his own hands. He has embarked on the journey of writing, recording, and releasing his debut solo album All I Was, set to drop in the month of July.

If you’ve heard the preview of a handful of tracks from the album, you know to expect a solid record with non-stop rock and roll. It’s as simple as that. Tremonti has created a unique sound that fits him and no one else. Our review of the preview tracks garnered over 1,000 “likes” on Facebook. The fans are ready for Tremonti to be unleashed, and All I Was does just that.

Are you ready for your first full-length sampling of the album?

Tremonti keeps the guitar strapped on and picks up the microphone and lets it all loose on his first solo single, “You Waste Your Time.” The debut single hit #10 on the iTunes Rock Singles chart just one day after being released. That’s right…One day after its release, and it cracks the Top 10. The tune is already spinning on rock radio across the country, and I am confident it is going to be one of the biggest songs around sooner than later.

With the success of “You Waste Your Time,” Tremonti is not keeping his mouth shut. “I am overwhelmed by the positive response the song has received already. I never imagined it would hit the Top 10 so quickly and that is a testament to the amazing fans I have,” he says. “I couldn’t have gotten anywhere in my career without them and want to thank each and every one of them for their support. I can’t wait until they hear the rest of it.”

I can’t wait either.

Have you heard “You Waste Your Time” yet? It kicks off in-you-face and it doesn’t stop for nearly four solid minutes. Tremonti’s vocals shine (no doubt he’s picked up a thing or two from Stapp and Kennedy), his guitar work is impeccable as always, and the overall sound of the song sets him apart from anyone else in the rock scene right now. He’s always been a quiet member of two of the biggest rock acts around, but now he’s taking a huge step into the spotlight. This song sets the stage for what to expect from the entire album.

I couldn’t be more excited for the album. Like I said in our review of the preview tracks:

Listen, Tremonti doesn’t need to do this solo album. He’s already managed to become one of the greatest and most prolific guitarists around today with his work in Creed and Alter Bridge. He’s not doing this to get the extra cash, he’s not doing this because he’s bored (Creed is in the middle of a country wide tour as I type this!). He’s doing this because he loves what he does, and it comes through crystal clear in these tracks.

If “You Waste Your Time” is a sign of what to expect with All I Was, I’d say get ready to hear one of the best albums – if not the best – of 2012.

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