Thursday November 23rd 2017

Jack White at Roseland Ballroom, Night One

If there was ever a doubt about Jack White‘s place in rock and roll history, it was dismissed within 30 seconds of his show Monday night in New York City.

Playing his first night of a two-night stay at the Roseland Ballroom (both sold out shows), Jack White opened the set with the instantly recognizable “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground,” a White Stripes tune from 2001′s White Blood Cells. But for White Stripes fans, this version of the song was something special.

Jack White was backed with his all-male band, Los Buzzardos (the same band that backed him for his performance of “Sixteen Saltines” on Saturday Night Live on March 3rd, 2012). **He actually tours with two bands: Los Buzzardos, and the all-female band The Peacocks. There was always something grimy and raw about The White Stripes. One guitar, one drummer, an infinite spectrum of sounds. Fans have always appreciated the depth and complexity of their music. That being said, hearing Los Buzzardos and Jack White explode into “Dead Leaves” showed that Jack White needs that full band…And with Los Buzzardos, he not only gets the full band experience, he gets on-stage passion like I’ve never seen before.

From “Dead Leaves,” Jack White and Los Buzzardos blew into the opening track of his solo album Blunderbuss, “Missing Pieces.” Continuing the rock and roll, my personal favorite came next…”Sixteen Saltines.” Between Jack White’s on-stage energy and Daru Jones’ ebullient drumming style, the crowd was left feeling winded from witnessing pure, unadulterated rock and roll.

The rest of the night covered more rock and roll than anyone could have asked for, from The White Stripes’ phenomenal “Ball and Biscuit” to Hank Williams‘ “You Know That I Know” to The Dead Weather‘s “I Cut Like A Buffalo” to The Raconteur‘s “Steady, As She Goes.”

I could sit here all day and tell you why Jack White is one of the greatest living rock stars around…I could tell you over and over again why you have to go see him live the second you get a chance…Let me sum up his live show with one word: Wow.

I had high expectations for Jack White. I’ve always been a fan of his work and I know what he brings to the table as far as live shows go…But I never expected a show like the one I saw Monday night. I’m sold. I’m convinced.

Jack White has permanently etched his place in the books of rock and roll history.

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  • Mike C says:

    Such a great show!! I was about 4 people from the stage. The crowd was great, and Jack really fed off of it. What happened with Seven Nation Army was awesome. Jack stopped the band to sing to the crowd chanting as if we were the band…great night.

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