Thursday November 23rd 2017

Gotham Interview with Nate Rockwell

Write this down…Write This Down is a band you’ll want to keep your eyes out for in 2012. On June 5th, their second studio album, Lost Weekend, hits storeshelves courtesy of Tooth & Nail Records. After that, they hit the road on the “Lost Weekend Tour” with Children 18:3, Red Morning Voyage, and Harp & Lyre.

Today, I had the opportunity to chat with Nate Rockwell. He strums rhythm guitar for Write This Down and also contributes half of the vocals for the band. They create a unique sound with two singers riffing off each other, added of course with crushing guitars and explosive drums.

Click here to get the album and check out two tracks from Lost Weekend below. I’m really digging on “Red 7″ right now. Crank it up.

Nate, great to talk to you today, man! Where are you calling from?

Calling from Minneapolis.

And that’s where the whole band is from, right?

Yes. We’re kind of headquartered here. I guess we’re all from different places in the world, but this is where we call home.

Write This Down’s second studio album, Lost Weekend, is set for release on June 5th via Tooth and Nail Records. What have you been doing to gear up for the release?

We’ve just just been rehearsing a ton. We have about two months off to get ready for the summer touring. We did a couple of January and February tours and we’ve really just been rehearsing. The songs are a lot harder and more vocally taxing on Johnny and I, so we’ve been kind of screaming our lungs out the last couple of weeks!

How’d you approach this album differently than your first studio album?

This record, we wanted it to be more of a cohesive sound. Our first record was all over the place and this one we definitely wanted to be in the rock vein. It sounds like one cohesive effort. We wrote along that theory of just making it sound like a rock record. We get to define ourselves a little more with this album as Write This Down.

Your lead singer, Johnny Collier, has said that this album has a true identity. What do you think the identity of Lost Weekend is?

Our first record everyone was like, “Ah, are they kind of poppy? Are they hardcore?” This record, we tried to find the identity and based it off the ‘lost weekend’ theme. It came together as more of a straight rock record.

What’s the ‘lost weekend’ theme?

Spiritually speaking, it’s based on the prodigal son type of thing. With our first record it just seemed like we wasted a whole lot of time complaining and arguing about what wasn’t happening. We decided we needed to come back and just make this our own thing. That’s the theme of Lost Weekend.

You mention the spiritual side of the band. Your MySpace page classifies you in many genres, one being “Christian.” What makes Write This Down fit the bill of Christian music?

We all believe in God and that’s always been the basis of why we write music, why we’re thankful that we can do it. More often than not, though, we feel like it’s a routine type of thing, as far as what’s going on today with Christianity. We wanted to break that mold and be real and be honest. You know? What we’re doing, what we’re struggling with…everything from alcohol, smoking, to being with women, to believing in God and not being afraid to say what you believe and learn from it. On the spiritual side, that’s why our band can fit the Christian billing.

But that sort of “classification” doesn’t tone your sound down at all. You guys are heavy, you are hard, you have that kind of energy behind you.

Definitely. We aim for a general market feel with all of our music and live shows.

Speaking of live shows, you said you’re rehearsing for summer touring. The “Lost Weekend Tour” kicks off soon. What can fans expect from the shows?

I think it’s going to be a great tour. It’s going to be great because we finally get to play new music. What happens when you write your first record is you’ve already been playing those songs for two years and then you have to keep playing them for another two years. Now, we finally got to the point where we can have the set list change conversation as a band. We are stoked to play longer sets to all the fans we grew over the last couple of years. Hopefully we’ll grow from there. We’re also playing some festivals here and there that are bigger. It’ll be a good push for us with the new record coming out.

How does it feel going from a huge festival to a smaller, more intimate show?

We appreciate and enjoy the more intimate shows, the club shows. We like to be there with the fans, especially after the show just to hang out with them. That doesn’t really happen with the big festival shows. You have twenty bands and a fifteen minute autograph window. We definitely do appreciate having fun with thousands and thousands of people, but we prefer to keep it on a smaller scale for our shows.

You play guitar. You sing alongside Johnny. Does it ever get competitive between the two of you during the recording or writing process?

No, it never really has! We became random roommates in college and have been best friends ever since. We write every song that Write This Down has together. The lyrics, the guitars. It’s just kind of been a Lennon and McCartney type of thing. But hopefully it doesn’t end as badly!

Besides your new album, what other new music out there are you excited about?

I’ve been digging all the new Four Year Strong stuff, all the new Rise Against, pretty much anything in the rock vein. There’s a new band called Redlight King. He really blew me away with his songwriting. I heard them on the radio a couple of weeks ago. It’s really good.

The album next week. The tour this summer. What’s next for Write This Down?

We hope to just keep going all year strong touring. We don’t like to take breaks. We actually hate them, we just get too bored. We prefer to stay on the road constantly. That’s the plan. We’ll be playing Ship Rock at the end of this year with Godsmack and Sevendust. We’re going back to Europe. We’re going to keep it strong for now and work our way toward a new album!

I’ve been really digging on “Red 7″ off of Lost Weekend. I can’t wait for your fans to hear the whole record.

That’s a great track. That’s one of the first tracks we wrote for the record.

Thanks for your time, Nate! Great chatting with you.

Thank you very much, man!

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